“Thank you for such a great session.  It has stimulated

the staff so much they are still talking about it and looking

for the strengths of each of their personal profiles with each other.  We look forward

to setting up a team session

as we approach our new

fiscal year.”

                        Emily Thompson-Collins                          Brainhunter

​​Turning Determination Into Innovation

Change is Happening.

​We Found a way to help

you get there.

​"The workshop design, combined with the qualities they each brought to the table, helped our team get through some challenging conversations and experience lots of learning, which moved us forward and resulted in deeper relationships.”

                         Colleen Rooney, VP Operations,
                         Leasing Division, Scotiabank

"I am writing to acknowledge, and thank you, for the tremendous job you have done coaching me. You have brought me both clarity and focus, and have explored areas that I simply did not know existed. Your work has allowed me to pursue my objectives with much greater confidence and rigour, and this is already leading to great success.

I look forward to further opportunities to work with you, and to gain greater strength and knowledge that I know will pay dividends in improved performance and greater happiness for me in the future.”

                                                                              Craig Knapp, Divisional VP Marketing,
                                                                              Canadian Tire Corporation

We are a communications and

coaching company meeting at the intersection of marketing and

information technologies.

With extensive experience in leading human development

techniques, automation and streamlining, we promote a culture

of collaboration while encouraging individual authenticity.